Community service is a wonderful thing.  Thanks to the hard-working, compassionate people out there volunteering their time, the world is a better place.  We can’t just sit on the sidelines!


The Pittsburgh Shirt Company is committed to doing our part to help out where we can.  Organizations large and small make a difference - We’ll print truckloads of shirts for you, or we’ll do just some for key team members.  Heck, we’ll even do just one!  We know it sounds crazy, but what can we say?  We appreciate you.


Hey race directors!  We know what a full plate you have with your 5k, marathon, triathlon, or other awesome events we don’t even know exist.  Kill two birds with one stone - let us print your shirts, AND help sponsor your event.  Amazing, right?


Don’t need t-shirts for your event?  We can still help out!  We just love to donate our services for charity auctions and raffles.  If you’re looking for a donation, just ask!


We’ve already worked with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Animal Friends, Operation Troop Appreciation, The Allegheny Aquatic Alliance, and a wide variety of local charities, memorial events, and more.  Working with other good people gives us the warm fuzzies, so contact us today to get the ball rolling!