Big or small, near or far, crazy or, well…crazy…  Families.  We’ve all got ‘em.  What some families have got that others don’t are stylin’, custom designed t-shirts!  What better way to rep your family pride, or embarrass the heck out of your kids, than by showing up for your next reunion, vacation, or holiday celebration in visual solidarity?


Pittsburgh Shirt Company will treat you like family every time you order – no noogies or cheek pinching, we promise.  You can choose from our frequently refreshed, original design gallery and we’ll customize the design of your choice to feature your name, event, or special memory.  The possibilities are endless!


Looking for something more specific?  Our design rates are totally affordable, and offer a variety of levels to fit your budget.  We know that every family is uniquely special, and guarantee your custom t-shirts will turn out the same!  Now all you have to do is get everyone to agree on a design, which should be easy enough – right?