Screen printing on t-shirts has grown in popularity since the 1960s.  Equipment, materials, techniques, and our technical skills continue to evolve, but there are limitations to screen printing as a production method.  You may not need a dozen shirts, or you may need just a couple with photorealistic artwork…tomorrow.


Enter, DTG Printing.


Let us start by saying WE WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO PRINT YOU JUST ONE SHIRT.  (Pause for dramatic effect.)


DTG stands for Direct-To-Garment, meaning the ink goes directly from the nozzle of the printhead on our Brother G-381 printer to the fibers of your chosen apparel.  No transparencies.  No silk screens.  No squeegees.  No messy plastisol.  Just vibrant, detailed, customized designs in lightning fast time.  Technology is cool.


Unlike screen printing with its costly color counting ways, with Direct-to-Garment you can let your imagination run wild!  Want to put a picture of your cat on a t-shirt? Cool beans.  Looking to print the entire Pantone color spectrum on a sweatshirt?  We can do that.  How about your logo across a zipper on a hoodie?  No big deal.


Visit our design studio to customize ready-to-go artwork, or upload your own art and order shirts now!


Consider these ordering tips unique to this unique printing method…


                 DTG printing works best on 100% ring spun cotton fabrics.  We can print on t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, shorts, socks, bags, towels,

                 scarves, underpants, etc.  We’ve got a special DTG-friendly product category in our design studio for you to get your creative juices



                 Printing on white garments is the most economical for bright prints.  Printing color on white, or a choosing a “vintage” style print on a

                 light colored garment will guarantee a super soft feel to the final product.


                 Printing on dark garments requires an additional step of pre-treating the print area to allow colors to really pop, and will cost a couple

                 more bucks.  The pre-treatment will need to be washed out before you wear it, but don’t worry, it’s totally safe!  We’ve done our



                Artwork requirements are a bit more forgiving with DTG.  While we always love vector-quality artwork, you can submit in formats like

                JPG, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF!





Best Fit For DTG:

- Quick turnaround (less than 10 days)

- Ordering less than a dozen

- More than 4 colors in design

- Your photos on products

- Customizations to each piece’s design

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